Wetland Restoration, Enhancement & Mitigation

Enviroscapes has been involved in over 100 projects that endeavor to restore, enhance or create wetland areas. Our clients have retained Enviroscapes in order to restore or reestablish wetland sites where ecosystems were altered and damaged by past human activities. These areas generally have hydric soils typical of wetlands, and may have some wetland plants growing among weeds and/or crops. The clients work with their wetland consultant’s toward reestablishing the area’s original hydrology and topography, and Enviroscapes works to restore natural processes.

Other sites require wetland enhancement activities including the maintenance and management of existing wetlands for a particular function or value. Generally, wetland enhancement activities are used to restore high quality to severely degraded wetlands. Enhancement includes controlling invasive species and/or planting upland buffer zones. Enviroscapes has performed physical removal activities of invasive species and has subcontracted companies with licensed aquatic herbicide applicators to treat invasive species.

Enviroscapes has been involved in wetland land bank projects that seek to create wetland areas where none previously existed. Wetlands creation projects are performed frequently as mitigation to compensate for the loss of wetlands areas typically due to the remediation of contaminated sites and from general construction projects.

Enviroscapes services at all these sites can include the installation of wetland, transition and upland trees, and shrubs in sizes ranging from 1’ to 3’ live stakes, 2” plugs, quarts, and one-gallon, two-gallon, three-gallon, seven-gallon and 15 gallon containers. In addition, we have installed balled and burlap trees and shrubs in sizes from 6 to 10 feet in height and up to 3½” caliper. These plant materials contribute to supporting existing wetland plant communities in providing valuable habitats for invertebrates, fish, and wildlife. We have installed both cool season and a variety of specialized warm season grass seed mixtures. In conjunction with certain seeding projects we have also installed variety of erosion control matting/fabric/blankets to stabilize site soils. Furthermore, on many sites, in conjunction with planting activities, Enviroscapes has installed deer and/or goose fencing and nettings to protect newly installed plant material from herbivory depredation.

Our field personnel have worked in diverse environments, both hot and cold climates and sites requiring the use of steel toed and rubber boots, hip waders, chest waders and flat bottom boats to successfully perform these services; always keeping safety as a first priority.